Law firm HETA was founded on October 16, 1989, which makes us one of the oldest companies since Estonia regained its independence. During its more than 30 years of activity, the HETA law firm has proven itself as a sought-after partner and has left a bright mark on the history of the Estonian legal landscape. Experience acquired during the years of operation adds courage that HETA’s story will certainly continue at least for another 30 years.

Experience and Mission

Our lawyers have a long-term and wide-ranging law practice, providing perfect conditions for efficient teamwork and successful and competent resolution of matters through varied and in depth experience.

In addition to qualified legal assistance, we guarantee loyalty, attentiveness and a stance of caring. We recognize that each problem is unique, thus we believe that competent legal assistance starts with hearing out the person and distinguishing relevant facts.


We have close ties with colleagues in European countries, which enables us to provide legal services also in foreign countries.

Law firm HETA has been recognized by and noted by many internationally prestigious law publications, such as Global Law Experts.