HETA Law Office consults clients daily on various aspects of contract law that require more thorough knowledge on specifics that we spare our clients from worrying about. We will also help You prepare and conduct public procurement and if needed, dispute them.

HETA Law Office attorneys will give You our expert advice in all areas of commercial law necessary.

Whether it is share sales agreements, increase/reduction of share capital, company mergers/divisions, preparation of contracts or any other related topic, You can rely on our broad experience and know-how.

We offer our legal services on everything concerning construction and real estate law. This, for example, includes legal help with planning process in local governments and state authorities. We help our clients with lease and sales agreements; with negotiations related to it and if necessary with litigation in court.

Helping You to make right decisions in sensitive situations
We offer consulting in all proceedings of family law (e.g. getting married or divorced, inheritances and wills, division of common property and all matters dealing with alimonies and child custody).

We will represent You in the best way possible as it It is our goal to offer and  find the fastest and most efficient solution.

Throughout the years, our attorneys have acquired profound experience in all court instances and can help You through the process stress-free and cost-efficiently.

You can feel free to trust us with putting together, changing and auditing all employment contracts and documents related to it (this includes confidentiality and non-competition agreements).

When necessary, we will also represent You in the Labor Dispute Commission, as well as in court.

We shall defend your funds

Upon the need, we shall assist you in debt collection both in the pre-trial phase and as well as during court proceedings. Our objective is to protect your interests in the most effective way, whether it is a matter of submitting claims to the debtor or preparing an objection to the debt claim sent to you. We will certainly be there for you even if the matter should end up in court.

We will represent our clients in Administrative Court and out of court in administrative matters. This includes, for example:

Tax law – Tax law includes our expertise in all tax related questions from tax planning to representation in court.

Privatization law – Privatization law is limited to the restitution of property taken unlawfully by the occupying power and privatization of state owned legal persons and property.

This, and everything else that falls into this category, our competent lawyers are more than happy to consult You on.

Whether we like it or not, sometimes in life businesses go bankrupt. The best that we have to offer in a situation like that is to ease this uncomfortable process for You by consulting You in every step necessary and protecting Your interests in the best and most delicate way.

We share our experience

Public procurement is a special area of ​​administrative law. The successful organization of public procurement often requires specific legal knowledge. HETA lawyers provide legal assistance to many clients, if the goal is a public procurement as a whole or e.g. contesting a public procurement, organizing a public procurement, conducting a public procurement, formalizing tender invitation documents, etc.

Based on our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience, we can assist you in conducting both state and other procurements, from the preparation of the tender, the announcement of the tender to the selection of the winner. Of course, the service we offer also includes counseling in possible disputes related to the procurement and comprehensive consultation of you as a tenderer in the procurement procedure.